I am fascinated by the contrast of cold and hot steel, how it’s hard enough in one state to cut and shape itself and yet malleable enough for me to tie in knots in the other. How the gentle caress of the torch can reveal a full rainbow of iridescent colours.

 I have been manipulating metal both hot and cold for over 30 years, teaching myself the magic of forming metal to fabricate the imaginings of my mind. This journey of discovery allows me to create sculptures in my spare time by transforming the scrap steel I produce in my daily work into bold figurative forms, interweaving my passion for fabrication and art. My inspiration comes mostly from the waste materials I use and the beauty and form in nature.  

Recently I’ve been experimenting with titanium, mostly making jewellery. Titanium is incredibly strong and light and is a challenge to work with, but I love learning and moving forward. 

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