Artist Statement:

Exploring nature through photographic processes, Ellie’s work investigates the correlation between the context of an image and the architectural space it is placed within. The subject of images she works amidst have resilient references to habitual matter and landscapes, being perceived as physical samples of nature. Latterly, her practice is concerned with the elect architecture of space, alongside the physical adaptation of her prints. The exploration of landscape imagery, taken from its primary environment and contrastingly being situated in an unexpected territory is present within her work. 

Circular shapes used more recently in her practice magnify specific areas of a photographic print, manipulating its original form through technological processes and image reconstruction. Additionally, the question of where the image starts and ends can be contemplated, due to the images connecting with surrounding architectural features, beyond the window frame. The translucent material used to fabricate her prints enables the transience of light and colouration to penetrate through the windows. Acetate, further grants the work to be viewed both inside and outside of the architectural space, playing on perspective from the exterior views of the windows.      

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