Updated: May 24, 2019

Grant Searl is a surrealist painter living in the northwest of England. He has been painting for the last 40 years perfecting his unique and very individual style . He says its now a combination of both surrealism and modern history painting drawing on his own past and that of his generation. This gives a truly original look to the paintings which he is now producing with layers of meaning to the viewer from the past and also the modern day. 

Craft, technique, patience and originality are the four cornerstones on which Grant Searl's works are founded. Assuming no substitute for persistence and self-application, Searl's paintings are the product of his life and recollections so far. Memories from childhood, inspirations from popular culture and his insatiable appetite for books all inform the idiosyncratic and stylistic representations present in Searl's work. Son to a master tailor, precision and attention to detail are virtues that are ingrained in Searl's paintings as much as they are in his genes. These qualities have been honed and refined over 25 years, first whilst studying art in Preston Polytechnic before - what's credited asreal education - time as an interior decorator. This period, most of which was spent in client's homes, also meant time spent learning, perfecting and appreciating the craftsmanship of old artisan skills and techniques, now being lost to time. This understanding and confident awareness of modern influences and tastes, combined with classical and timeless techniques provide Searl with an understanding of, and appreciation for, a sympathetic but striking colour palette for modern and traditional, living spaces.

Christened Romantic Surrealism, Searl's oil on canvas pieces are an eclectic mix of influences. Echoes of Surrealist masters, Magritte, Di Chirico and Dali are combined with shades of Pre-Raphaelite artists Millias and Holman-Hunt brought into the 21st century with it's subject matter. Nature, architecture, literature and of course, human relationships, all provide a rich and inexhaustible seam of material. At times dreamlike and ethereal, at others dramatic and intense, but each as atmospheric as the next. Searl's distinctive style is painstakingly created, building layer upon layer of oil over a period of months to achieve a depth and vibrancy of colour that provides his trademark and legacy.

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