Updated: May 24, 2019

“I work directly with photographic subjects to create fluidity, comfort and personal expression in a statuesque space, enhancing skin with hand applied paints.  The subject and I create celebrations of form adapted to the physical experience of body in the moment, and these poses in ambiguous space create a template for digital painting process informed by the nature of light and colour refraction.  Relying on hand painting as well as software generated algorithmic shifts to colour and density, the subject's environment and body evolve into a colour-expressive, time ambiguous space connecting classic themes with the fleeting moment of the photographic experience.  The result cherishes both the threads of humanity and aspirations of sculpting the human form along with the emotive range of a unique subject within a fraction of a second.”

Allison Harrell’s art is always a conversation - reflective and connecting without final conclusions. Materials have personality and purpose staging subjects in an ecosystem of intent. The compositions synthesise photography, moving image, sound, wood, metal, lighting and optical filters.  When experienced, they coalesce and re-simplify, eventually crossing the bridge between the senses and the heart, mingling art and science.  “Now is a redefining time of existent constructs for new applications, less a process of creation than a reassembly of understanding.  Likewise, the intersection of cognitive learning and emotional intelligence, rationality and intuition, even commerce and art… re-centers human expression.”  

Following her Photography MFA completion in 2010, current and recent exhibitions include Artexpo NY, MVVO AD ART NYC, International Women’s Day Fair by One Art Space, TriBeCa, NY in 2019; Sotheby’s New York AD ART SHOW, Kips Bay Decorator Show House, NY, NY,  Photo Independent at Fotofever, Paris, FR, Chester Arts Fair, Chester, UK, “She Is” and “Eternal Summer” by One Art Space, TriBeCa, NY and Ampersand Studios Miami Basel Curation, Miami, FL in 2018; Ward Nasse Gallery, SoHo, NY; M Boutique Art Miami Viewing in 2017.

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