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about dale

Dale Wesley Hill is a photographer based in County Durham. Originally a portrait photographer, Dale shifted his attention to horses about 5 years ago, producing enigmatic fine art Equine portraits. 

Utilising his skills as a portrait photographer (particulary with studio lighting), Dale transfered this style into the Equine shooting, and quickly learned a thing or 10 about Equine Ettiquette in order to capture the character, majesty, power beauty of these magnificant mammals. 

“Always wanting to create more eye-catching images, I began to experiment with textures, and over time, found a style and technique in blending textures and overlays in order to add a bigger artistic prescence to the prints”.


Dale uses a set of studio strobes in order to capture the images, and in doing so developed an understanding, patience, and above all, respect for these immensily strong animals.

“When you are standing in front of a 600kg, temperamental powerhouse that could plough through you like a hot poker through butter, then you develop a respect pretty quickly! But it’s that, along with the patience and understanding that allows me to capture the most striking images.

Photographing these wonderful animals is a huge challenge, and with every shoot you never know if you’re going to have it easy or poised ready to jump over a barn door! But that’s what I love about doing this, if it were too easy then everyone would be doing it”.

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